At Matter&Co, a small team were tasked to produce, design and deliver the Creative Collisions 2017 conference - the largest youth charity sector event of the year.
The event’s aim was to explore the issues young people are concerned about and how the sector might tackle them – inspirational figures covered topics such as mental health, gender equality and politics. Lots of educational organisations were there with a particular focus on getting youth interested in science.
The icon design is a spark or explosion as it collides. The supporting graphic is a mass of squiggles that represent the individuality of young people, while still recognising them as a group.
Alongside designing the branding and collateral, I was also the official event photographer on the day.
The venue was a bit of a maze, with thing spread over 4 floors. It was my job to make a cohesive floorplan, which was able to fit onto an a5 sized programme. I opted for a isometric shape to show the various levels whilst still being able to fit everything in.
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