At Matter&Co, I led the creative on Pioneers Post Quarterly. Pioneers Post delivers the latest news on responsible business leaders and social entrepreneurs around the globe. The magazine challenged me to communicate complex ideas simply through design. Touching on themes of forwarding thinking and progress, I also often look back through design history, to draw my inspiration from the actual pioneers of their day.
Here are a selection of my favourites.
Cover feature: The future of doing good. This section cast its gaze to the future of business and how to operate more empathetically. For this illustration, I sought inspiration from the golden age of capitalism - the 20's and 30's. I imagined what a city would look like if we were to be build with the hindsight we have today. Drawing on the characteristic styles of art deco and retro futurism, the article comes to life with illustrations throughout.
Above is an article about small businesses struggle with a system that favours larger organisations. I chose to illustrate this with a homage to El Lissitzky 'Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge' where all the little wedges represent numerous small start ups attacking the system.
A sample of data visualisation from the annual review of the SE100 Social Enterprise Index.
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