As a challenger brand to the big four, Redington is sometimes seen as an amateur firm amongst the incumbents. This was the recurring piece of feedback I received from workshops with the various heads of the business. I was tasked with redesigning the company website.
I worked closely with a web developer to design the user interface, producing 28 modules that would build uniformity across the 50+ page website.
We hosted a series of UX workshops to uncover the specific needs from every aspect of the business and the user journey to reach them.
Many hours were poured over elements such as the blog filtering function and main menu items, as well as the interface movement, such as the bespoke built slider below
We hired a digital specialist to analyse our current analytics such as back-links, keyword ranking and most viewed information. This insight provided an excellent foundation to structural choices on the new website.
The result is a fully responsive website that looks clean, on brand and most importantly oozes with the confidence of a grown up brand.
The website can be explored here.
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