A personal logomark to define myself. I forever challenge and question a brief to reach the best possible outcome. Questions help to understand and frame a project. Only through proper understanding do the best ideas shine. I sought to capture this in an icon.
E-Luminate is a foundation that explores light. From its education programmes in schools and workplaces, to the Cambridge Light Festival, an outdoors celebration where art meets science. Tasked with just 24 hours to rebrand, I led the team to produce a logo that encapsulates all light. 
The three prongs of E-Luminate (Foundation, Festival and Education) come together. Since light is additive, intersection at which they overlap becomes white, meaning it contains every colour possible.
Space is the new name and identity for Devon Youth Services. The organisation provide a wide range of services for young people and operate a number of youth club hubs. These hubs provide a safe, comfortable space where young people can make friends, learn skills and flourish.
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