Whilst working at Redington, the investment team spotted an opportunity to target pension fund managers that are currently making short term decisions that may have long term consequences. From this insight, 'This way' campaign was born.
‘This way’ is a nine month digital campaign. It’s an ‘arm around the shoulder’ approach to guide the audience and demonstrate that there is another way to do things.
The investment team wrote nine articles. I then took the articles and rewrote them into working scripts and storyboards. We chose to use our own staff to build their profile and add authenticity to the campaign (over actors). We worked with a production agency to film. Finally, I directed the animation to interactive with the speaker.
The series on 9 videos was unfortunately cut short by the pandemic. However we pivoted to create a rich digital experience with a microsite, infographics and Linkedin targeted adverts.
I designed and wrote copy for a series of LinkedIn carousel adverts.
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