With 1 in 5 employees unable to manage workplace stress, it's no wonder burnout is the most common reason stated to leave a job. Well_lab is a science based organisational change programme that recognises that just giving free mental health benefits is not enough. Well_lab works with organisations to develop strategies and reshape problems to build a healthier working culture.
The breadth of my work included designing the website, tone of voice, promotional campaign as well as a script and storyboard for an explainer animation.
I worked on a promotional campaign to gain potential new clients. I developed a straight talking, no nonsense tone of voice and did the copywriting for the adverts. Organisational change often happens from the bottom up, so the above advert directly addresses the employee.
Below is an advert in a magazine aimed at business leaders. This copy talks directly to leaders and acknowledges their challenges.
An excerpt of the animation. 
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